Educating about Sustainability

Hey everyone, Courtney McQueen here! My stretch experience is about sustainability. I am working with a group based at the University of Calgary, called the Students on Sustainability (SOS). Our objective is to teach students about sustainability. I got to create a module about environmental policy, and then teach it to some high school students. […]

Sustainability with Syncrude: the True ‘Berta Experience

By Kyle Chankasingh Growing up as a millennial in Alberta, I have often been subjected to a sense of cognitive dissonance towards the oil sands. Critics tend to argue that the industry is significantly contributing to climate change and destroying the planet, whereas the classic Albertan argument is that oil industry is necessary to provide […]

Depolarizing the Conversation around Climate Change

By Natasha Pye When was the last time you talked about climate change at the dinner table? Unless you’re working at the Pembina Institute, climate change does not often come up in conversation. Especially here in Alberta. It’s an incredibly polarizing topic touching on issues of livelihoods, internalized guilt, and most of all, politics. How […]


By Shaurya Karki Fort St. John, BC –  This has been a very interesting summer, touch wood. I am in the middle of “stretching” myself and loose muscles have never felt better. I am up North interning with the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission (BCOGC).  In a nutshell, this single-window regulatory agency is responsible […]

The Politics of your Plate

Top left – a field day with Organic Alberta, top right – a fellow volunteer and I at an Alder Food Security Society resilience festival event, center – my dog at a Food4Good community garden. You might not expect what’s on your plate to be inherently political but you also wouldn’t expect David Suzuki being […]

Learning how to #WearTheChange

Written by Keandra Lucki Hi, my name is Keandra! I’m definitely new to the world of blogging, but I figured I might as well give it a go! For my Stretch Experience, I am exploring the impacts of the Slow Fashion Movement with New Classics Studios, an Edmonton-based e-commerce clothing company that sells sustainable and […]

Stretching Too Thin: Failure in Leadership

Last year, when I helped to organize the November Mentor Leadership Panel titled Finding Balance in Leadership: Work and Wellness, I reached out of Giri Puligandla, the Director of Planning and Research at Homeward Trust Edmonton and a PLLC mentor. I distinctly remember his hesitancy to join the panel — in his words, “I’m not […]