Illustration of a woman dressed casually looking into a mirror, where she sees herself as a doctor

Venture Healthcare Comes Full Circle

Stretch Experience Update: PLLC alumni and program founder hears success stories from participants It was Yasmin Rafiei’s own journey applying to medical school that got her thinking about the barriers some applicants face. While reviewing the myriad requirements typical of medical school applications – competitive Medical College Admission Test scores, paid employment, leadership experience, volunteer […]

Discovering Dresden & Challenging my Character

The weeks leading up to my stretch experience were among the busiest and most stressful weeks of my life. In a sudden mood of adventure and curiosity, I decided to spend my summer in Germany to improve my language skills and gain some experience working in industry. It’s funny that during the school year, we’re […]

Preserving Cultural Heritage in Flagstaff County

Barn – Old English: Bern or Berern from bere which means “barley” + ern, ærn which means “house”. (“Online Etymology Dictionary”, n.d., para. 1).   Familiarity with the PLLC program and/or with barns may, at first, lead you to question what leadership skills a student can learn by cataloguing barns for their Stretch Experience. Indeed, you may struggle […]

Fixing Healthcare in Alberta… One unit at a time

It has been an extremely interesting month (where did that time go already) learning about how our healthcare system in Alberta works and where some improvements could be made. I am currently volunteering for Covenant Health, St. Mary’s Hospital in Camrose, Alberta, consulting with the hospital by looking for ways to improve the care that is […]