Stretching Before The Stretch

By Moe Khan There are many parts to my stretch experience that i would like to highlight. But i think one important aspect that i did not get to highlight in any other piece of work submitted towards my stretch is the preparation of my stretch experience and how I knew it was the right […]

International Indigenous Collaboration

Welcome to My Stretch Experience! Introduction Before I get into the specific details and outcomes of my project, I want start off by introducing myself. I would also like to take this opportunity to give the appropriate background information for those who do not know what a “stretch experience” is. My name is Kaitlyn Walcheske, […]

Gender Parity in Grande Prairie: 22% Isn’t Good Enough

Xaverie’s Previous Blog Peter Lougheed Leadership Scholar Xaverie MacLennan ponders the importance of equal representation of women on City Council in Grande Prairie. 68% of Grande Prairie’s residents are under the age of 45. I belong to this age group, and am also a part of the 43% of residents that identify as female, as reported […]

A Welcoming Home

I have been in Tanzania for the past 10 weeks as part of my internship with the Student Invested in Health Association (SIHA). SIHA is a student run nonprofit organization in Edmonton that focuses on working with the community to improve community health and well-being. For the past seven years SIHA has been working in […]

Stretch Reflection: Learning to Adapt + Embrace the Unexpected

July 3rd, 2017 I was so excited to begin my Stretch Experience that I purchased a plane ticket that landed me in China on May 1st, practically the very first day of my summer break, thinking that everything would work out. It didn’t go as planned. For a variety of reasons, my initial plan of […]

Reflections: Langugage Barriers and Impact

Bonjour tout le monde! My summer in France is wrapping up, and I have had an excellent experience. I am writing this post from my office in Grenoble, France. Here, I have started the last week of my internship at APARDAP, an association that works to match refugees, sans-papier (people without official immigration papers), and […]

Entering Ecuador

by Kevin Wang As I sat down in my seat on my flight to Ecuador, I started to panic. As I heard the other passengers around me speaking in Spanish, it was finally starting to hit me. I was leaving the Western world I was used to and heading into a vastly different, unknown world. […]

Beauty and the Beast

San Pedro, Belize is a small Caribbean city located on an island; just a few miles from the second largest coral reef in the world. In the air or on the ground, the beauty of the sandy beaches with its cool, clear waves along with the stereotypical palm trees providing some shades from the warm […]

Starfish in Italy

I sat on the roof of the volunteer house at 11:00pm, in Camini, Italy. The bats fluttered around me, but nothing else stirred. This was the place where I felt I could breathe and remove myself from everything that had gone on at my volunteer placement; alone and surrounded by the Italian night sky. Holding […]