Where did our Scholars go in 2017?

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Read about PLLC’s Scholar Stretch Experiences from 2016:

As an integral part of the PLLC curriculum, scholars have been given the opportunity to undertake what we like to call, a “Stretch Experience.” It’s an intensive 200 hours of leadership activity that puts into practice their leadership skills, as well as taking them outside their comfort zones in order to place them in an environment that matches with their personal career goals. Read about some of those experiences below to see how our scholars have pushed their boundaries to learn something new.

Fascination with Compensation – by Edward Ilnicki

Discovering Dresden & Challenging my Character – by Zosia Prus-Garnecka

Energy Storage Matters – by Jason R. Wang

Preserving Cultural Heritage in Flagstaff County – by Sydney Hampshire

Fixing Healthcare in Alberta…One Unit at a Time – by Jacob Rohloff