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Tackling the other side of research: Sharing results that improve healthcare

By Basel Moukaskas What did your Stretch Experience involve? In what way can novel research findings in health and wellness be conveyed to healthcare professionals for the purpose of teaching and awareness? This is the question that I have tried to tackle with my Stretch Experience. Dr. Spencer Proctor served as my verifier for this […]

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Using AI to try to detect COVID-19 and improve livestock monitoring

By Adam Czarnecki What did your Stretch Experience involve? I worked with Alpha Phenomics, a local company developing livestock monitoring technologies, for my Stretch Experience. The project that they were working on was a system to track individuals in a certain population and accurately predict if they have a virus based on various biometrics. The […]

The Challenge Behind Challenge Studies: The Hepatitis C Perspective

As a third year immunology student in the University of Alberta’s Specialization program I spend most of my time learning about the dozens of different bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites that plague humanity. From memorizing virulence factors to drawing out countless mechanisms of infection all night, I can now say immunology and the immune system […]

Asking Difficult Questions

by Jo Dusome For far too long, survivors of sexual assault and harassment have felt shame or embarrassment in discussing their stories. I wanted to use my Stretch Experience to change the narrative we have created when it comes to talking about consent and what it means to be a survivor. I am using my […]

Methodology and Political Culture Measurement

Robert Bilak If you were around during the 2019 Alberta Election, you would know that there are many conflicting ideas about what it means to be an Albertan, as well as what Alberta should look like. Anyone who had the misfortune of looking at some of the unsolicited comments found on any Facebook post (despite […]