The Office – My Experience with Public Service, Mentorship and Government

BY: SHUAA RIZVI Ministry for the Status of Women (MSW) is a small provincially mandated ministry here in the Province of Alberta, and since May I have been very lucky to be working with some very amazing folks. Although some may scoff at the idea for the need of such a portfolio, its presence shouldn’t […]

Exploring the Weight of the Future

By Reshma Sirajee For most people when you are sick, you go to the hospital. You wait for the doctor to do an exam, receive a diagnosis and leave. In this scenario, healthcare accessibility appears clear-cut and, under Canada’s universal health care policy, the cost is covered. Unfortunately, this is not the case for 5.2 […]

New York City Has Renewed My Faith In American Politics

By Anna Seefeldt The allure of New York City is clear: a city rich with opportunity and diversity, addicting in its promise of success and new beginnings. I was told that once I lived here, I would never want to leave. I can honestly say that now I understand why. Known for it’s steep price […]

Joining the Fight Against Injustice

In December 2016, I learned about one of the most devastating form of violence inflicted on a person– human trafficking. The UN defines human trafficking as the recruitment of others by means of force for the purpose of exploitation through prostitution, forced labour, or slavery. Seeing articles about how children are being sexually exploited by their parents […]

Parity and Politics

Hello PLLC blog readers! My name is Amanda McIvor and I am currently a first (and a half?) year scholar with the Peter Lougheed Leadership College. Throughout this past year, as part of the college, there were two main things that I learnt rather quickly about myself. I am not a super fantastic writer. Not […]

Gender Parity in Grande Prairie: 22% Isn’t Good Enough

Xaverie’s Previous Blog Peter Lougheed Leadership Scholar Xaverie MacLennan ponders the importance of equal representation of women on City Council in Grande Prairie. 68% of Grande Prairie’s residents are under the age of 45. I belong to this age group, and am also a part of the 43% of residents that identify as female, as reported […]

My work on a mayoral election campaign – by Connor Vaandering

This summer I have been working on Calgary City Councillor Andre Chabot’s mayoral election campaign. Since the election is not until October I have been involved in the initial setup of campaign plans, strategy and organization. It’s a small campaign team with limited staff and limited finances, so I’ve done everything from communications and event […]

Gender Parity in Grande Prairie: Why Working In My Home Town Is Important To Me

Xaverie’s Next Blog Peter Lougheed Leadership Scholar, Xaverie MacLennan, takes us through the process on how she came up with her Stretch Experience.  Growing up, I was blessed with good community, excellent neighbors, and many interesting opportunities. One such opportunity came in the form of a trip to Thailand, organized by the local youth group. […]