Into the WILD

“Despite Canada’s numerous efforts to protect the environment, the number of wildlife species in our own country continues to dwindle. The World Wildlife Fund’s Living Planet report found that nearly 451 species consisting of a range of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians were in serious decline in Canada last year (Craig). As disheartening as […]

Environmental Health!

While healthcare and training for physicians continues to improve over the years, one important aspect of training and research is often overlooked. That is the influence of the environment and its associated impacts on our health, specifically, the impact it has on children. My stretch experience is composed of my involvement with The Children’s Environmental […]

Sustainability with Syncrude: the True ‘Berta Experience

By Kyle Chankasingh Growing up as a millennial in Alberta, I have often been subjected to a sense of cognitive dissonance towards the oil sands. Critics tend to argue that the industry is significantly contributing to climate change and destroying the planet, whereas the classic Albertan argument is that oil industry is necessary to provide […]

The Politics of your Plate

Top left – a field day with Organic Alberta, top right – a fellow volunteer and I at an Alder Food Security Society resilience festival event, center – my dog at a Food4Good community garden. You might not expect what’s on your plate to be inherently political but you also wouldn’t expect David Suzuki being […]

Perseid Meteor Shower Event

In addition to the Community Supported Agriculture program, one of the major components of my stretch experience was helping to organize a trip out to Prairie Gardens and Adventure Farm with International Student Services. The event was held on August 13th for the Perseid meteor shower. Overall the event was successful – all 47 tickets […]

Show Me The Honey

Hello lovely people! It’s August *screams*. I definitely feel stretched (still screaming). I’ve really come to realize the power of saying “yeah, I can totally do this,” even when I have no clue what’s going on and I know that I’m going to have to do a bunch of googling later. Outward confidence, even if […]

Creating a Green Wall

A highlight of my stretch experience happened on my final Saturday in Fez, Morocco. I co-hosted a Green Wall event at a high school with many barren walls. My project partners and I had been planning this event since the beginning of our project, and the past week had been spent running all over the […]

Discovering Dresden & Challenging my Character

The weeks leading up to my stretch experience were among the busiest and most stressful weeks of my life. In a sudden mood of adventure and curiosity, I decided to spend my summer in Germany to improve my language skills and gain some experience working in industry. It’s funny that during the school year, we’re […]