Marking 5+ Years of Stretch Experiences

Since 2015, PLLC scholars have practiced their leadership skills and “stretched” out of their comfort zones, pursuing projects that match their personal or professional goals and/or support a community in need. From archaeology digs in Thessaly, Greece to sustainability initiatives in Fez, Morocco, to urban beekeeping in Edmonton, these projects have contributed more than 64,000 hours to making change in the global community.

In honour of his milestone, PLLC created a new publication, Impact: Student Projects with Purpose, which includes an overview of the program and highlights feature stories. The far reach of this seemingly simple requirement of the PLLC certificate program is evident after reviewing the types of projects and the long list locations in which they took place, as well as the businesses and organizations that participated.

What impact have these projects had on scholars?

“I have not only developed a useful new skill (beekeeping), but I have discovered a joy in sharing my passion with others and now feel unafraid to do so.”

– Devon Roch, PLLC Alumni

“My Stretch Experience and the mentorship I received throughout helped me realize how I can push the boundaries of my educational and career persuits to make innovative changes and strides in those respective fields.”

– Anonymous feedback submitted in a PLLC alumni survey

“I move forward from this project a little more equipped to face the daring world.”

– Lan Truong, PLLC Alumni and MD Student

“These experiences served me greatly because they allowed me to be challenged and develop as a leader. I also gained new unanticipated skills such as resiliency. These learning outcomes will continue to serve me in the future as I remember the lessons and use the skills I acquired.”

– Danielle Bailey-Heelan, PLLC Alumni

We continue to be wowed by the creative projects our aspirational students propose and their growth throughout the experience. Thank you to the numerous verifiers from over 130 participating organizations that trusted our scholars to work alongside them and provided support during the projects.

Want to host a Stretch Experience at your organization? Complete the Request for Proposals form. Please be advised that scholars are permitted to complete the Stretch Experience program during the summer (May-August) or fall (September-December) academic term only.

May the efforts of PLLC scholars inspire you to take action on causes you care about. We look forward to seeing what new initiatives are dreamt up in future terms.

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